Who else should I follow?

If you’d like to read more and learn on your own about fitness, diet, and how your body works, check out the links below. These are the people that I follow or have followed to learn everything I know!

I will try to continuously add to this list as I discover new, good sources of information.

Youtube Channels

AthleanX: good beginner lift information

Shredded Sports Science: good scientific background behind why things are they way they are.

Omar Usif: evidence based powerlifting/bodybuilding

Jeff Nippard: natural bodybuilder that reviews research, discusses form, and more


Stronger by Science: all about evidence based powerlifting and bodybuilding, very research & science focused.

3d muscle journey: coaching service, courses, blog, etc on evidence based bodybuilding


Stronger by Science Podcast: the Stronger By Science crew, in audio form.

Iron Culture: Eric Helms & Omar Isuf

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