Is Aspartame going to kill you?

Aspartame was originally invented in 1965, but the restrictions on it's use weren't lifted by the FDA until 1996. Even though the EU and FDA have declared that it is safe to consume, many anti-aspartame activists hold the belief that it can cause the following symptoms. cancerseizures headachesdepressionADHDdizzinessweight gainbirth defectslupusAlzheimer'smultiple sclerosis The FDA has been... Continue Reading →

Who else should I follow?

If you'd like to read more and learn on your own about fitness, diet, and how your body works, check out the links below. These are the people that I follow or have followed to learn everything I know! I will try to continuously add to this list as I discover new, good sources of... Continue Reading →

Making Weight Loss Stick

I've written about a similar topic recently, in my article Why You Stopped Losing Weight. I realized though, that this article isn't as much about maintaining weight loss, but instead the issue of stalled weight loss. Making weight loss stick for the long term is more of a psychological and habitual issue. Taking a step... Continue Reading →

Why You Stopped Losing Weight

Many of us get into fitness in order to lose weight, and focus on dieting to do so. I'll be writing more about weight loss in the future, but for now the graphic below by Bret Contreras does a really good job showing how diets allow you to lose weight. In a nutshell, in order... Continue Reading →

Is Bigger Always Stronger?

As with most things with fitness, this is kind of a gray area. Probably more black and white than other topics, but there is still some guey gray areas in the middle that we still don't know much about. There are a few different components that I'll touch on in this article that will hopefully... Continue Reading →

What is Hypertrophy and How To Train for It

If you've been lifting for long enough, even in isolation, you've probably come across people talking about hypertrophy. If you haven't googled it by now, hypertrophy is simply the increase of size of skeletal muscle through the growth of the component cells of muscle. Specifically, myofibrils and/or sarcomeres. How Hypertrophy occurs is a much more... Continue Reading →

Training Splits, Explained.

Training splits provide you a framework to being to program your own training. At the end of the day, splits are just a way to organize your training, and ensure you're getting the right amount of weekly volume for each muscle group while giving yourself enough time between workouts in order to recover. As a... Continue Reading →

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